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Welcome to the official website of the SOAS Law Society! 

On behalf of the Committee for 2018/19, I'd like to welcome you to the SOAS Law Society! The SOAS Law Society is one of the oldest and most prominent societies at SOAS. Traditionally, the society has hosted a range of professional and social events, attracting speakers and sponsorships from the world's most prestigious firms.

This year we aim to offer you insight into the legal profession, and provide you with a variety of opportunities such as networking events, workshops, competitions, conferences. We will do our best to help you transition from the academic world into the professional world. We will continue fostering our relationship with the Faculty, the Careers Office, the Alumni Office, and the wider SOAS community, as well as with other universities in London, so you can benefit from a cohesive support system.

Please feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing you around campus over the coming year!

                                                         Best wishes, 

Ancuta Faur

President - 2018/19