Mini-Pupillage Application Deadlines (Document)


Mini-pupillages are short periods of work experience spent shadowing a barrister, usually spanning three to five days. We encourage all law students to undertake mini-pupillages at some point in their academic career, being the key gateway to acquiring a pupillage as well as a way to gain a practical insight into the operation of law in court. 

For the key sets of chambers in London:

SOAS Law Society Training Contract Document


The SOAS Law Society has prepared a document containing details of most if not all training contracts (2020 start date), including information about deadlines, application processes, academic requirements etc. Having prepared a similar document detailing the summer deadlines, we received positive feedback and decided to produce an updated version for this year's applicants. 

We hope this will provide an accessible, convenient, and efficient medium through which you can decide which law firms to apply to and proceed with the applications accordingly. 

You can access the Training Contract document here: