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Financial Times Temporary Access

To all SOAS Law staff & students,

From yesterday we have trial access to for a month - full access to all content from the Financial Times, including everything from the last month.

We already have access to a large number of FT articles through Access World News but the FT do not allow third party providers access to the latest month. In addition Access World News does not include all content from the FT. Direct access via includes every item from the printed version, not just the major articles & comment/analysis pieces.

To access go to:

Click on Start your free trial, then register.
A subscription to is expensive so we need plenty of evidence to show how it could support teaching/learning/research across different Schools/Departments.

Please send any comments to my colleague Farzana Whitfield, Subject Librarian for South Asia & Development Studies, on:

In particular we would welcome comments relating to how the additional content, beyond what we already have on Access World News, would support you in your teaching/learning/research and also how you find using the website in comparison with Access World News in terms of searching, user-friendliness etc.


Best wishes,
Bob Burns
Subject Librarian for Law
SOAS, University of London
Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
TEL +44 (0) 20 7898 4155

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