Interested in Maybank's Global Apprentice Programme?

Calling all students in the UK! Have you heard about the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme?

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The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme is Maybank’s award-winning management trainee programme for graduates, a specially designed two-year on-the-job rotation programme which includes a three-month international assignment for graduates to experience the different functions within the bank. On the Programme, you will enjoy:

·         A formal 2-year-on-the-job rotation to gain maximum exposure in all relevant areas for career development and personal growth.

·         Tailored on-the-job rotations for a holistic learning experience.

·         Enhancing leadership skills among others via involvement in group-wide special projects.

·         International Assignments to immerse Global Maybank Apprentices in global network operations.

·         Experiential learning through CR initiatives, project management and presentation to top management.

·         Face-to-face development interventions where a dedicated coach and mentor is assigned to guide Global Maybank Apprentices throughout their journey.

·         Option for specialisation via GMAP Plus.

Think you are GMAP material? Learn more here, and take up the challenge: sign up on http://bit.ly/roaringcareers. You may just be roaring your way into our award-winning management trainee programme!