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Student Pro Bono Opportunities with LPHR Student Network

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights Student Research Opportunities
They are recruiting student volunteers to contribute to the Student Network projects for Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights. These opportunities offer the chance to get published and to partake in international legal research, requiring commitment until August 2019.

Below are the current opportunities to contribute to our work:

1. LPHR's blog. If you would like to write a blog article, please email us the topic you would like to write on and a brief outline of the structure. Please have a look at our previo us blogs on the website ( to get an idea of our style and to see what topics have been written about recently. If you do not have a topic in mind, we can suggest one. Blog articles can be written on an ad hoc basis, so this is a more flexible time commitment. 

2. Monthly Child Rights Bulletins These bulletins collate statistics relating to violations against children, pinpointing any particular issues that have seriously affected Palestinian children in the last month and providing analysis on what the legal position is. These bulletins have been used as briefings for Parliamentary debates, so this presents a great opportunity to promote human rights in Palestine. 

As a volunteer for Child Rights Bulletins, you role would include:

  • Obtaining contextual information about some of the violations from relevant NGOs and   

  • Applying and analysing the relevant provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Please send an email to noting which project you are interested in and a short statement why. Please also attach your CV to the email.