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Blind Spots with Roberto Unger (17th March)

  • When: 17th of March 4-6pm

Art / Earth / Tech is organising an event with the Institute for Public Policy Research.The event is the first in a series of conversations called Blind Spots, and we are delighted to launch this with our first guest Roberto Unger, a Professor at Harvard Law School. Roberto Unger was one of the youngest law professors in Harvard’s history, he played a significant role in bringing democracy back to Brazil, served in Lula’s government as a minister and has been called “a prophet” by the famed philosopher Richard Rorty. A key influence and inspiration to Obama he was also one of Obama’s toughest critics.

He will be speaking on the Knowledge Economy and the rise of inequality. In the last few years the techno-optimism surrounding the digital revolution has given way to dystopia. Rather than a force for economic and social democracy, digital now seems to mean monopoly and manipulation. Instead of politics and the state we are entrusting our collective future to individual initiative, NGOs and private corporations. What is the source of this distrust in the state, in organised collective action, of disbelief in politics?  Many have found the current political climate - of Trump, Brexit, and Bolsonaro - surprising, even unimaginable. This is symptomatic of a collective blind spot. What have we been missing to not see this coming? How could we have been so blind-sided? And what does the future hold?

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