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Royal Courts of Justice Tour (Dec 12)

The SOAS Bar Society has booked a Royal Courts of Justice Tour to be taking place on 12th December at 2 pm. The tour takes the form of a visit to a courtroom (subject to court sitting) where you will learn about the history, art, and architecture of the RCJ. This will be followed by a brief presentation on the kind of cases that the RCJ is concerned with and the type of work the courts are involved in.

 If you are interested in attending the Royal Courts of Justice Tour, please register your interest by sending us an email to We will allocate places on a first come first serve basis so please register your interest as soon as possible. The latest date to register your interest is Wednesday, December 5th but please do so beforehand to secure your place!

Please note that if you obtain a place, you will have to pay £2 admission fee which will be collected by one of the SOAS Bar Society Committee members.