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Young Legal Aid Lawyers Student Representative Scheme (Deadline Reminder

What is YLAL?

YLAL is group of students, paralegals, trainee solicitors, pupil barristers and qualified junior lawyers based throughout England and Wales. We are committed to practising in those areas of law, both criminal and civil, that have traditionally been publicly funded. We believe that the provision of good quality publicly funded legal help is essential to protecting the interests of the vulnerable in society and upholding the rule of law.

 Our primary aims are:

·         To campaign for a sustainable legal aid system which provides good quality legal help to those who could not otherwise afford to pay for it.

·         To increase social mobility and diversity within the legal aid sector.

·         To promote the interests of new entrants and junior lawyers and provide a network for like minded people beginning their careers in the legal aid sector.

Are you a member yet?

Join (for free!) here.

What does the role of YLAL student representative involve?

The role will last until the end of the academic year with the possibility of renewal. A student representative will: 

·         Represent YLAL at university events such as Freshers’ fairs.

·         Oversee a YLAL membership recruitment drive at their university.

·         Promote YLAL's monthly London meetings within your university.

·         Gather students' views on access to justice and legal aid issues. 

·        Encourage students to get involved in the work of YLAL, including helping with our campaigns, reports, news and social media communication.

How to apply?

Please complete the following application form by 5pm Friday 15th December. If you have any questions, please email Ollie P.

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