Shannon Lim - Treasurer

How has being on the committee of the Law Society benefited you? What was the most enjoyable part of the experience?

As I had joined the Law Society in the middle of the term, I was tasked with handling the financial issues faced by the society. This forced me to come up with solutions quickly, as the Law Ball was coming up and we had to make sure that our finances were sorted out before then. Through this experience, I learned how to adapt and manage problems in a short period, thus honing my time management and problem-solving skills.

The most enjoyable part of the experience was working and bonding with my fellow committee members, who carry out their roles with such passion and dedication. As most of the committee members are women, I truly understood the meaning of ‘female empowerment’ and firmly believe that we are stronger when we support each other, instead of being jealous of each other’s successes

What advice would you give to current Law students?

Enjoy your time in law school while you still can. I know that law is tough, and you will question your life choices, but will be worth it in the end. Make friends, socialise, and get out of your comfort zone because you will never get this chance again, as SOAS is uniquely open and welcoming.

What is life after SOAS like for you?

I am currently studying the BPTC at City Law School, which is challenging due to the sheer workload. I am also a pro bono representative at the Free Representation Unit, where I represent clients at Social Security Tribunals. Even though life after SOAS is different and more challenging, I enjoy all that is thrown at me because we learn when we go through adversity, and change is what makes us grow.