Sara Alqamish - Pro Bono Officer

How has being on the committee of the Law Society benefited you? What was the most enjoyable part of the experience?

Being in the Law Society Committee has benefited me in several ways. Firstly, I was able to meet a lot of driven and interesting students who I became closer to throughout the year. I learnt how to work efficiently in a team, and that having meetings is crucial to sort pending issues out. Everyone putting forth their opinions and ideas really helped even though they were in charge of different areas at the time - just having everyone's input is always important and more helpful than one might assume!

The most enjoyable part of the experience was the Law Ball! It was nice to see something we all worked hard for actually work out and end up being an enjoyable event where we all took memorable photographs together.

What advice would you give to current Law students?

The advice I would give to current Law students is to get involved in the Law Society and other societies in general because it truly makes your law experience much more enjoyable. To meet people with similar aspirations or those taking different paths in the field of the law is the best way to learn more about law and about all the opportunities available!

What is life after SOAS like for you?

Life after SOAS has been great (although I really miss SOAS!) I'm currently pursuing my LLM at NYU School of Law. It's been so great so far, and I can proudly say that the international perspective I developed on the law from SOAS has been transferable here!