Rushnay Sikander - Non-law Officer

What was the most enjoyable part of the experience?

Being Non-Law Officer meant that I was able to chair debates on controversial topics like “The Age of Human Rights is Over” channeling heated ideas and keeping SOAS students and human rights lawyers from firing at each other!

What advice would you give current law students?

Work hard .... never lose your integrity even in the most adverse of circumstances

What is life after SOAS like for you?

After graduation, I was commissioned by the United Nations and was stationed in Beirut. I had read a plethora of Lebanese politics whilst at SOAS which enabled me to draft Levantine policies on a much deeper level. So I spent my summer months practicing refugee law and anti-corruption inquests into the government. It broadened my experience within the realm of human rights and the migration crises that impacts the world we currently live in. It also instilled in me my ethical duty towards this world and for its people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Make the most of your time at SOAS. Join the Decolonising Movement - it taught me a lot about myself. The highs and the lows are all learning curves. Most importantly, take the seeds of decolonisation and apply them to whatever path you choose to follow. You need to know who you are in order to know where you’re going... Good luck!